Universal Rights

  1. Any entity may be a person.
  2. A person may not touch another person without permission.
  3. A person may not be denied access to food, water, or sustenance.
  4. Any entity claiming to be a person is a person.
  5. Any entity identified by a person as a person is a person.
  6. Any entity suspected to be a person is a person.


Homeland Terror Patrol On Stern

Gunboats loaded with men in black assault gear approach us and the captain asks us what we are doing tied to a public supply dock near Oakland.

‘I’m getting water.’

‘How long are you going to be here?’

‘About an hour.  I carry 600 gallons, and it takes time to fill.  Is that OK?’

He silently slides the window shut on his wheelhouse, and they power away.