Jewish Murder Memorial

Spent a few days in Berlin on a business trip for Mozilla.  Jet lag kept me up all night several nights, and on one, I slipped out to roam the town.  I ventured back over to the Jewish Murder Memorial to see if I could somehow burn onto film the heavy feeling I get when I visit the site.   I’d visited the place seven or eight years ago, and I remember being impressed.  I feel it’s a perfect installation for what it represents.

These shots were taken sometime after 10pm on a cold and rainy night.  Every night that I spent in Berlin was a cold and rainy night–always shrouded in grey clouds and drizzle.  The memorial is in a section of town where there are plenty of well-lit buildings so the sky glows with reflected light.  I dropped a tripod, pushed a roll of HP5+ to 1600, and took about a dozen 10-30 second timed exposures.  I was hoping to capture the rain beading down the sides of the smooth concrete slabs.  I was successful.  The two below are my picks.

Jewish Murder Memorial I

Jewish Murder Memorial II



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