Jolene. Two.

A few days ago, Jolene turned two.  We had a small party with family.  This time Grandma was in town, and Paloma, who has been one of the best things to happen to this busy family, joined us, too.

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Grandma and Steph baked a cake with whipped icing made from strained raspberries (we later used the leftover raspberry seeds as a dressing for a family dinner of delicious deer).  While they were busy in the kitchen, Paloma was twisting up balloon horses, reins and everything.  I tacked streamers all about the room, and just before the party, Steph and I fetched helium balloons to fill the remaining spaces.

Paloma Makes Horses

My birthday is only two days before Jolene’s.  Secretly, I was hoping she would have been born on my own birthday, but I’ve changed my mind.  This was her day, and she deserves it.  No reason to mix the two.  Still, her day is next to mine, and that’s just right.

The party was short, and Jolene ended up crying during her birthday song as I think she was a little embarrassed being the center of attention with everyone singing and smiling at her.  I can see how that would be creepy.

One of Steph’s presents to Jolene was a set of wet-washed watercolor cards handed to each person at the party on which they wrote a short note that someday Jolene would read once she’s acquired the skill.  Steph tucked them away, saving them to give to Jolene someday.

Grandma write a note for Jolene on her birthday, to be read sometime in the future.

This is what Stephanie does.  She’s exceptionally thoughtful during important events in our lives, and she always keeps us in a creative space.

The party wrapped up, and another great birthday party success was behind us.  Now Steph can relax, at least until Chas’ day in the later half of the year.  Steph cherishes birthdays, and she does everything she can to make sure the kids have the best possible time.  All I do is try to help, and it’s sometimes hard to live up to her expectations.  This time, all worked out.

A Happy Steph on Jolene's Birthday



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