Chas Impaled and the Dunes


Chas. What’s not visible is that 15 minutes before this photo was taken, he’d slammed into a thorny desert bush and impaled his arm. A large piece of the tree was embedded. I busted out the first aid kit tweezers but couldn’t remove it.

It was deep. He was holding in all signs of pain–and I could tell from the large wound it must’ve been very painful–because the one thing he asked to do this trip was to climb the dunes again. Not to mention we’d been 4x4ing for five hours to get here. I could tell we were in need of a visit to the emergency room to remove a sizable foreign body from his arm, but what the hell? Washed it out as best we could with first aid wash. Wrapped it up. And sent him up the dunes.

He was first to the top. I couldn’t catch up.

Link to photo on Flickr.