Courage and Creativity

Enjoying watching Steph pick up a pencil more often.  Her work is most inspiring to me as it always embodies creative courage.  My job is to be a leader, and I’ve found that creativity is my fuel for leadership.  I love to extract myself from the routine, find new, rough ground, and plow a new path–especially one that involves dreaming up new ways to open doors for teams and exceptional individuals.

With her, and as a pair, we can be unbelievably creative, and what a great relationship characteristic to enjoy.  I’ve observed, and learned from, her willingness to dive right into any medium and flesh out all the ways she can express herself, but when she picks up that pencil and puts it to whatever is around her, she dazzles me every time.

Here we were letting the hosses run and bite each other.  Steph was lead-and-paper scratching away in the truck parked by the arena.

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