simulchrist recording studio


I’m currently recording a heavy metal soundtrack for a dungeon crawler game, HEAVY EARTH.   I thoroughly enjoy recording, and it’s even better when uninhibited.

Without outside pressure, the metal just flows.  I’m lucky to have this opportunity.  As tracks are produced, I’ll release them as Simulchrist, but I’ll likely hold back the best for the game release.

Sometimes the subject comes up, and I cannot avoid revealing I’m a Christian anarchist. I get mixed reactions from people when they hear this. Most walk away silently confused and afraid to ask those questions which would expand their understanding. I don’t blame them. It is a terrifying concept at its core: What does one believe? What’s even scarier is publicly stating one’s beliefs.

Here are mine, as of this moment:

No person or thing interferes with my relationship with my own personal God. I answer to no person but myself and God. Any judgement I make is one that considers God first. This enables me to be conscious of my relationships with others so that I may support who they are as they are. I believe God would do this; so should I.

I follow Christian beliefs of do unto others as one would have done to and for one’s self. If you ask me for food, I will give you food. If you ask me for a job, I will give you a job. If you ask me to leave you alone, I will. If you ask me to free you from slavery, I will free you from slavery. If you ask me to harm another person, I will not, and with said knowledge I will do whatever I can to guarantee that no one is harmed.

If you ask me to just listen, I will just listen.

I will not hurt another person. This is terribly difficult to achieve in life. In provocation, I’ve been punched, kicked, pinned, dragged, shoved, stabbed, bitten, and bound, but I’ve never hit or hurt anyone. Like all children, I participated in countless unavoidable scuffles as I experienced and developed my first social boundaries. Yet, I’ve remained violence free throughout my life.

I attribute this to my own father. I witnessed him being attacked by others, and he simply disarmed them without any counter. I’ve managed to demonstrate the same for my kids. Thank God.

Trust and faith are my constant religious practice. Trust is the same as faith as both rely on no prior evidence, counter to what most assume. The math behind this concept is beyond most, but understanding trust is faith, is necessary, I believe, to enable one to forgive others and support them in their own endeavors as who they are.

Unless queried, I do not discuss or force my views on others. I do not believe in organized religion or fundamentalism.  Like my parents, instead, I strive to simply demonstrate the results of faith, love, and empathy that I believe God presents to us.