To Hell With Privatization of Education, Health, and Law Enforcement

$85 + $40 shipping for a power cord for Clyde’s feeding pump. Ever feed a five year old boy three times a day with a syringe and tube? It’s really a 50 cent wire. If I buy it, then I can’t buy food.

We’ve failed at health care. I’m so sick of Big Pharma bleeding us dry.  Shame on Moog Pharmaceuticals for charging $120 for a power cord so I can feed my kid.

To Hell with privatization of healthcare and education.

And to Hell with our privatized law enforcement, which is all of it. We’ve built a nation of corruption, greed, and narcissistic social media addicts. I’m so ashamed of us.

Shell of Yesterday’s Man

My heavy-starch husk
Holds me up
As I drop into my chair.

Humans in caves
Of fake
Career the Valley outside my window.

She’s so far away now
I can’t see
Her eyes huge
When she last brushed by.

And now the jerks are expected
And terrible
There’s nothing to do but

I hope to someday
Find something to say
I see you.

Because I’m no longer
I do.

Every Morning

He woke before dawn and watched the gray day break. Slow and half opaque. He rose while the boy slept and pulled on his shoes and wrapped in his blanket he walked out through the trees. He descended into a gryke in the stone and there he crouched coughing and he coughed for a long time. Then he just knelt in the ashes. He raised his face to the paling day. Are you there? he whispered. Will I see you at the last? Have you a neck by which to throttle you? Have you a heart? Damn you eternally have you a soul? Oh God, he whispered. Oh God. –CM, TR